The Joy Project

Having posed the question “what brings you the most joy?”, we found a common theme of comforting domesticity across many of the answers. From cups of tea, warm showers, and cuddling pets to being in bed under clean sheets, watching your favourite film for the hundredth time, and listening to music alone, it seemed as though the simple pleasures of everyday life brought people the most joy. And so, The Joy Project was born - an ongoing creative collaboration between myself and collage artist and writer, Charlotte Paradise, which hopes to reflect how space and the subject inhabiting it compliment one another and how interrogating the personal can cause the ordinary to become extraordinary.


This series is ‘Closer’ with Rosa Caines, a glamorous and inclusive actress. Hugged by the faint scent of burning sage and David Bowie’s 'Young Americans' and buried in the pages of the books Rosa will one day lend to a friend and never get back, I sipped my cup of tea as she opened up about love, loss, and the power of meditation.


Cowgirl Summer

This series is 'Cowgirl Summer' with Penny Williams, my walking companion during our secondary school days and now a medical student based in South London. Accompanied by candles, crystals and her compiled “Hot / Sad Girl Summer” playlist, Penny and I sat down on a cold yet sunny January morning to discuss her life between two homes, conspiracy theories and her collection of stuffed animals.


The third series is ‘Siggy’ with Tara Rooney, a freelance photographer and doggo mama to Siggy the Iggy. Tara and her pair of iconic Frida Kahlo socks invited me into the photography studio she has made for herself in the kitchen of her North London flat where the walls are covered in her gorgeous photography. She talked of how she has made her work her pleasure and how she feels most comfortable and confident in this space, I couldn’t help but feel the same.